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About Southern Wireless

Southern Wireless has been satisfying customers for more than 20 years with cell phone products, the latest in must-have accessories, and reliable repair services. Operating under new management since 2013, we continue to provide the quality products and the high standard of service that Southern Wireless is known for. Our new owner has more than 10 years of experience in the cell phone industry. He's very easy to talk to and loves his work. The company mirrors his commitment to top-quality service and never giving up. We know that providing great customer service keeps us in business. We're dedicated to meeting your communication needs, and we work hard at staying one step ahead of the competition.

Count on us to be honest and fair. We always tell you what's best for you, even if we don't benefit from it. We're not into the quick sale — we believe in making lifelong friends. No matter what you need or what company you have service with, we offer personal interaction and great advice. Your phone is part of your daily life and we appreciate that here at Southern Wireless. With our competitive prices we don't try to make all our money on one customer. We give a fair price to everyone. As a result, many of our customers tell others about our great service, and we take pride in their advertising for us.

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